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Shopping around Thessaloniki

For those who visit Thessaloniki for the first time, the experience is
a lot of fun. The city is relatively small and people are always
willing to help, so finding the right shops and souvenirs is never a

The products I would suggest a visitor of this city should look for are the following:

  • Syrup sweets: These include baklava, kataifi, kourkoubinia
    and many more. They originaly come from eastern countries but have
    managed to become a popular treat in the city
  • Trigona Panoramatos: To find the best, visitors are advised to find the famous sweet shops Terkenlis and Agapitos
  • Ouzo: A very famous greek time that mainly is enjoyed in summer in the islands
  • Tsoureki from Terkenlis:

If on the other hand what you are interested in is a look around town at non-touristy shops your best options are:

  • Tsimiski street: the popular Thessaloikian high street where all popular brands are available from clothes to jewellry.
  • Navarinou street where there are cute stores for lovely gifts to loved ones.